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Conference & Event Management

001 We can design and organize any event from A to Z. Our service embraces the whole process from idea formulation to its implementation.
  Expertise of our employees enables them to promptly plan extraordinary creative events and formulate an offer ideally matching the needs of each and every Client. We offer exclusive, far above standard solutions like staging events on yachts, in theatres, museums, ancient castles and mansions, on uninhabited islands and mountain peaks. We are skillful and take pride in that ability to create unexpected and memorable projects. 

  It is enough to request us and we take on all the efforts for you and create your corporate event.  We will find the venue, make an event script, think thoroughly in terms of logistics and F&B as well as submit an optimal option for the budget.
  Our designers and specialists will prepare decorations and entertainment meeting your demands and install the needed equipment at a venue.
  We take additional responsibility for making a contact and negotiating involvement of famous show figures, actors, singers, circus performers, cookery, wine and cigar specialists.
  We assist to resolve organization issues related to your trips. Our Clients may always count on Bytsko in getting a visa, booking a flight, a hotel, transportation services and sightseeing.
  Our motto is – to serve you in a way that you feel like recommending our service to your friends.

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